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Design Silhouettes

Posted by Victoria Stone on

One way that wedding dress designs are categorized is by their silhouette, or general shape. Below are some brief descriptions of common silhouettes so that you can feel confident in describing your desired shape when you come in to consult with a designer:

  • Ballgown: ballgown dresses are the fairy tale dresses, like Cinderella or Snow White. They are generally pretty fitted in the bodice before flaring at the waist into a full skirt. This is a very traditional dress silhouette and looks great one women who want to show off their décolletage and shoulders while hiding parts of the lower body that you may want hidden. These dresses are beautiful on full-figured women as they accentuate the waste and elongate the bodice. They may be overwhelming on a smaller bride.
  • A-line: these have a very similar profile to the ballgown dress – a slim bodice that flows into a floor-length full skirt. The difference is really in the size – an a-line is like a subtler ballgown.
  • Trumpet: a trumpet silhouette is slim in the bodice and down through the hips and it flares out at the mid-thigh region. This dress can accentuate the stomach and hips area so it’s a gorgeous choice for tall, slim women.
  • Mermaid: slim bodice, flares at the knee. The trump and the mermaid both work great on tall, slim women because it doesn’t do any of the work to accentuate curves.
  • Sheath: a sheath dress flows narrowly rom the top to the bottom, from the neckline to the hem is straight.
  • Tea-length: this is the first silhouette we mention that doesn’t include a floor-length skirt, the tea length dress falls between the ankle and the knee. This is a great silhouette for more casual and/or court weddings, it also looks beautiful for the brunch the day after the wedding.


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Pricing will be a significant discussion point during your consultation. We want to be sure that the dress fits in with the whole event and budgeting helps to ensure this cohesion. We have different base levels for dressmaking, the first level is $1000 and they go up from there. During your first consultation we’ll give you an idea of your price point, and we’ll help you come up with a design. Throughout the designing of your dress, through the app, we’ll let you know of any changes that are made, and increases or decreases in budget, and how things are coming along. We know how important the dress is to the big day – we want that process and timeline to be transparent so you can focus on the bar, catering, venue, and transport.

So come ready with your budget and we’ll help you meet you wherever your needs are!



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So what exactly do we offer? Below is a pretty thorough list of what services we offer. Of course, during the consultation you’ll have the opportunity to discuss any considerations that aren’t on the list below.

  • The Dress: Obviously, our bread and butter is The Dress. We salvage used and discarded dresses and turn them into someone else’s dream dress. We believe that recycling is important in every aspect, including dressing. And because style evolves, we love using out-of-date elements in new ways.
  • The Other Dresses: If time allows, we also may provide offerings to do other dresses for the bride. We’ll help you put a whole look together – a dress for the rehersal dinner, one for the reception, another for the brunch – why not have a whole cohesive look for the festivities?!
  • Accessories: Different dresses require different accessories – many of the rescue dresses we take in come with their accessories like veils, belts and shawls that we rehab into modern contemporary pieces.  And if you’re having multiple dresses made, we’ll try to make accessories that go with more than one of them. Cohesion!
  • Shoes: And finally, we also rehabilitate old wedding shoes. We update them for style and comfort and often do detailing to tie them to the rest of the outfit.


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One of the most difficult things to manage when planning a wedding is time. There are so many different timelines to keep straight in the big picture as well as on the day. We will discuss your timeline with you at your initial consultation. It may take 6-8 weeks to schedule a consultation and how long dresses take usually depends on the dress. For this reason, we advise coming for a consultation as soon as you’ve decided on your style and budget. We will help you from there determine what kind of dress we can put together with the time allotted.

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