We had a bride in here the other day who was committed to having an “energy-efficient” and “Earth-respecting” wedding. We are so happy to have opportunities to fine-tune our processes to be a more earth-friendly company. We were so impressed with some of her plans that we wanted to outline them here.

  1. They scheduled their wedding and reception at the groom’s grandmother’s beautiful country estate. They plan to keep everything as it is and only bring things in. They mentioned that their whole wedding plan with regards to venue is also their hiking/camping plan: Leave only Footprints, Take only Memories/Pictures. This removes the energy-suck of a huge lit reception area and church or wedding venue.
  2. They’re going entirely paperless for the invitations with everything happening through a wedding website and sent out via email. There are a few older folks who will be invited and are internet-averse – for these folks, the bride is planning to call with a personal invitation. For those needing paper versions of the documents, they will be sending everything on botanical paper (recycled natural paper embedded with wildflower seeds) so that guests can use them afterwards at Grandma’s country estate to plant a wedding garden!
  3. Instead of rice throwing – seed throwing!
  4. There will be no live flowers as part of the event, instead the bride will be carrying a “Broche Bouquet.” This is basically a golden and stone bouquet made to look like flowers. She can then keep it as a keepsake forever!
  5. They’re self-catering. CAN YOU IMAGINE?!
  6. And finally – they each found a vintage recycled wedding dress/suit to bring to us to update to fit better both body-wise and taste-wise.