Math Can Be Hard

Most of the math that we need to do starts and stops at addition and subtraction. Sometimes we jump into multiplication for large orders with multiple dresses, but that isn’t very often.

Strangely, the other day we needed to do something with transformations. Maybe it was just helping our son with his homework, maybe it wasn’t. Who can say? Certainly not up to us to reveal private information like that.

Anyhow, we asked around at the store because no one could figure out how to solve these transformations. Of course, knowing our son (oops!) it was due the next day! We started googling to try to find how to possibly do these transformations!

We were lucky to find transformation worksheets that were actually available free! Check them out at that link. They’re actually much more useful than we thought – all about moving and manipulating shapes. If we ever lose our minds, maybe we’ll look at using math like this to help us digitize our dress layouts.

I can imagine that transforming the shapes needed to create dresses to a series of coordinates that can be stored would be a very efficient storage idea – and a good way to prove all those middle schoolers wrong who say they’ll never use this math for anything again!!