Saving Up

No, for once I’m not talking about money. Although you’re probably in the planning stages of a wedding so, everyone is always talking about money. For the sake of this entry though, I’m talking about dresses. We are a recycled dress maker, we make contemporary dresses out of antique/vintage dresses. This can happen a couple of different ways.  

 In-House: We have a team of 3 antique/vintage store prowlers. Their entire job and passion is scouring the city’s second-hand stores and estate sales to find beautiful and well-preserved dresses that we can make into something perfect for you. They are dry-cleaned but yet-untouched hanging in our showroom categorized by silhouette. When we book your consultation we’ll have a discussion about your personal style and the wedding goal so that we can pull a few dresses for you check out when you come in.  

 Client Dress: If you are using a dress you already own or that is already in the possession of a family member, we’d be happy to work with that too! Let us know during the consultation scheduling whether or not you’ll be bringing your own dress and feel free to send us some emailed photos of the dress so we can get our wheels turning on design ideas! 

 We have a pretty balanced number of in-house dresses that are chosen and brides who bring their own dress – usually once belonging to their mother or grandmother.