Ok, so on to the FAQs about the consultation. Please leave any additional questions you may have in the comments and I’ll respond to them!

Q: What do I wear to the consultation?

A: For the consultation, wear whatever’s the most comfortable, preferably tight-fitting. During the first meeting, we won’t have you try anything on so no need for special undergarments, but we will probably take your measurements to have them on file.

Q: Should I bring anything?

A: Don’t be afraid to bring pictures! If a friend or celebrity recently wore a wedding dress and you just loved the neckline or embellishments, bring a picture for us to put in our files. We don’t want to copy dresses, but we don’t feel bad sharing elements and points of view with other designers. No need to bring physical copies, but pictures that you can email to us would be helpful! We’ll have light refreshments and don’t anticipate most consultations to take more than an hour.

Q: Should I bring my fiancé? Or a friend?

A: Bring whomever you like! We’d love to meet your future partner, but we understand that some like to keep their wedding day attire secret from another. In those cases, bring your mom, your dad, your bestie, your sister. We are here to serve you and whoever you want by your side. We have done a few consultations with two brides who want to match but not MATCH-match. We love these! Let us know before you come in how you want to handle this so we can block off extra time for you and perhaps have two designers working with you so that they understand one another’s dress/design without letting you know one another’s choices.

Q: Do you work with “non-traditional” couples?

A: We work with any couples who want to have a beautiful wedding with gorgeous attire.

Q: What if I don’t feel comfortable or don’t want to work with your designers?

A: We understand how big of a decision a wedding dress is. This is why we want to complete a consultation with potential clients before deciding to work together. We may not be your style, we may not be able to do what you want to do, or you may not feel quite right here. We respect and understand that. We will leave it entirely up to you whether you want to work with us and we won’t take it personally if you choose not to!