So what exactly do we offer? Below is a pretty thorough list of what services we offer. Of course, during the consultation you’ll have the opportunity to discuss any considerations that aren’t on the list below.

  • The Dress: Obviously, our bread and butter is The Dress. We salvage used and discarded dresses and turn them into someone else’s dream dress. We believe that recycling is important in every aspect, including dressing. And because style evolves, we love using out-of-date elements in new ways.
  • The Other Dresses: If time allows, we also may provide offerings to do other dresses for the bride. We’ll help you put a whole look together – a dress for the rehersal dinner, one for the reception, another for the brunch – why not have a whole cohesive look for the festivities?!
  • Accessories: Different dresses require different accessories – many of the rescue dresses we take in come with their accessories like veils, belts and shawls that we rehab into modern contemporary pieces.  And if you’re having multiple dresses made, we’ll try to make accessories that go with more than one of them. Cohesion!
  • Shoes: And finally, we also rehabilitate old wedding shoes. We update them for style and comfort and often do detailing to tie them to the rest of the outfit.