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Turns out, Groom is much more than just a lucky finance bro who landed a hippy dippy chick and puts up cutely with her granola quirks. He is an Energy dude who works with major real estate tycoon types (think 90’s Donald Trump but not fucking evil maniacs). He works as a consultant for Fortune 500 companies who are building new facilities and either need them to be energy efficient because they believe in the perils of climate change OR need them to be energy efficient to quell customer concerns. Either way, it’s a win.

And our groom is a top secret undercover business casual yuppie hippie!



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The bride is a very “Green Person” she claims. She always arrives in an immaculately clean Prius carrying a reusable bag of snacks to munch on throughout the visit. She’s very mindful and conscious of her mark on the planet. She looks the part too, often dressed in loose flowy cottons, birkenstocks, no make up (not like she needs it) and long healthy hair in a loose braid resting on one shoulder.

Her husband comes off initially as her corporate antithesis. He’s always in a suit, usually on a call, often with a briefcase. He is kind but curt, doesn’t share much about himself, and is pretty quiet while she takes the lead in most interactions. It seems to work for them.



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We had a bride in here the other day who was committed to having an “energy-efficient” and “Earth-respecting” wedding. We are so happy to have opportunities to fine-tune our processes to be a more earth-friendly company. We were so impressed with some of her plans that we wanted to outline them here.

  1. They scheduled their wedding and reception at the groom’s grandmother’s beautiful country estate. They plan to keep everything as it is and only bring things in. They mentioned that their whole wedding plan with regards to venue is also their hiking/camping plan: Leave only Footprints, Take only Memories/Pictures. This removes the energy-suck of a huge lit reception area and church or wedding venue.
  2. They’re going entirely paperless for the invitations with everything happening through a wedding website and sent out via email. There are a few older folks who will be invited and are internet-averse – for these folks, the bride is planning to call with a personal invitation. For those needing paper versions of the documents, they will be sending everything on botanical paper (recycled natural paper embedded with wildflower seeds) so that guests can use them afterwards at Grandma’s country estate to plant a wedding garden!
  3. Instead of rice throwing – seed throwing!
  4. There will be no live flowers as part of the event, instead the bride will be carrying a “Broche Bouquet.” This is basically a golden and stone bouquet made to look like flowers. She can then keep it as a keepsake forever!
  5. They’re self-catering. CAN YOU IMAGINE?!
  6. And finally – they each found a vintage recycled wedding dress/suit to bring to us to update to fit better both body-wise and taste-wise.


Wedding Gender Roles

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We are a progressive company that aims to please all clients despite their gender, gender identity, sexual identity, or partner. While we often use the terms “bride” to refer to a female, what we really mean to discuss is the dress, no matter who is to wear it. We have put together beautiful suiting for female-identifying folks. We have put together beautiful dresses for male-identifying folks.  

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 While our language may sometimes be insensitive – something we’re working on – we want to be clear: despite how you identify and who you love, we’d be happy to dress you for your wedding! Some of the questions we may ask you during the consultation and its scheduling refer to your own pronouns and identity – this is to ensure that we gender you and your partner appropriately, that the dress we make you suits your needs and taste, and that you know you are in a safe space whenever you are working with us.  

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 Let us dress you up, suit you up, dress you down, suit you down – whatever you need!  


Saving Up

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No, for once I’m not talking about money. Although you’re probably in the planning stages of a wedding so, everyone is always talking about money. For the sake of this entry though, I’m talking about dresses. We are a recycled dress maker, we make contemporary dresses out of antique/vintage dresses. This can happen a couple of different ways.  

 In-House: We have a team of 3 antique/vintage store prowlers. Their entire job and passion is scouring the city’s second-hand stores and estate sales to find beautiful and well-preserved dresses that we can make into something perfect for you. They are dry-cleaned but yet-untouched hanging in our showroom categorized by silhouette. When we book your consultation we’ll have a discussion about your personal style and the wedding goal so that we can pull a few dresses for you check out when you come in.  

 Client Dress: If you are using a dress you already own or that is already in the possession of a family member, we’d be happy to work with that too! Let us know during the consultation scheduling whether or not you’ll be bringing your own dress and feel free to send us some emailed photos of the dress so we can get our wheels turning on design ideas! 

 We have a pretty balanced number of in-house dresses that are chosen and brides who bring their own dress – usually once belonging to their mother or grandmother.   


Math Can Be Hard

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Most of the math that we need to do starts and stops at addition and subtraction. Sometimes we jump into multiplication for large orders with multiple dresses, but that isn’t very often.

Strangely, the other day we needed to do something with transformations. Maybe it was just helping our son with his homework, maybe it wasn’t. Who can say? Certainly not up to us to reveal private information like that.

Anyhow, we asked around at the store because no one could figure out how to solve these transformations. Of course, knowing our son (oops!) it was due the next day! We started googling to try to find how to possibly do these transformations!

We were lucky to find transformation worksheets that were actually available free! Check them out at that link. They’re actually much more useful than we thought – all about moving and manipulating shapes. If we ever lose our minds, maybe we’ll look at using math like this to help us digitize our dress layouts.

I can imagine that transforming the shapes needed to create dresses to a series of coordinates that can be stored would be a very efficient storage idea – and a good way to prove all those middle schoolers wrong who say they’ll never use this math for anything again!!



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Ok, so on to the FAQs about the consultation. Please leave any additional questions you may have in the comments and I’ll respond to them!

Q: What do I wear to the consultation?

A: For the consultation, wear whatever’s the most comfortable, preferably tight-fitting. During the first meeting, we won’t have you try anything on so no need for special undergarments, but we will probably take your measurements to have them on file.

Q: Should I bring anything?

A: Don’t be afraid to bring pictures! If a friend or celebrity recently wore a wedding dress and you just loved the neckline or embellishments, bring a picture for us to put in our files. We don’t want to copy dresses, but we don’t feel bad sharing elements and points of view with other designers. No need to bring physical copies, but pictures that you can email to us would be helpful! We’ll have light refreshments and don’t anticipate most consultations to take more than an hour.

Q: Should I bring my fiancé? Or a friend?

A: Bring whomever you like! We’d love to meet your future partner, but we understand that some like to keep their wedding day attire secret from another. In those cases, bring your mom, your dad, your bestie, your sister. We are here to serve you and whoever you want by your side. We have done a few consultations with two brides who want to match but not MATCH-match. We love these! Let us know before you come in how you want to handle this so we can block off extra time for you and perhaps have two designers working with you so that they understand one another’s dress/design without letting you know one another’s choices.

Q: Do you work with “non-traditional” couples?

A: We work with any couples who want to have a beautiful wedding with gorgeous attire.

Q: What if I don’t feel comfortable or don’t want to work with your designers?

A: We understand how big of a decision a wedding dress is. This is why we want to complete a consultation with potential clients before deciding to work together. We may not be your style, we may not be able to do what you want to do, or you may not feel quite right here. We respect and understand that. We will leave it entirely up to you whether you want to work with us and we won’t take it personally if you choose not to!


Bridesmaids Dresses

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We get this question a ton and I wanted to address it here in case you were going to mention it during your consultation. We don’t do bridesmaid dresses in the traditional sense. If you’re looking for mostly matching dresses for your nearest and dearest to wear during your nuptials, we would be happy to give you some referrals for stores and styles based upon what you decide for your own dress.

The reason we don’t do bridesmaid dresses is that, because we’re a recycled dress design company, we can’t usually guarantee cohesion between dresses enough for them to work as bridesmaid dresses. We have had the occasional bride who wants a dress made for the flower girl, personal attendant, mother of the bride, or officiant. We’re quite happy to work with you to make this a reality!



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We don’t make wedding jewelry but we understand how important it is to have jewelry that goes well with the dress, the theme, the budget, and of course the ring! This is why we’ve teamed up with the natural recycled materials jeweler with whom we share a storefront.

If you work in an art gallery, you deserve to sparkle however you feel most comfortable during your wedding!

This is why we believe so strongly in using recycled and eco-conscious practices in both dress- and jewelry-crafting. By sourcing recycled materials, metals, and stones, we are able to use existing materials to create new meaning. Within the studio, we use all eco-responsible lighting, power, and materials. Packing materials are 100% recycled, we do most of our communicating via the shared app as to not waste materials sending letters and physical correspondence.

And we do not believe in using conflict diamonds in our pieces. While we may rehab jewelry made with metals and stones of undetermined background, but we never engage in the buying or selling of new items. We were conflicted about even using metals and stones of undetermined background – but we decided, ultimately, that if a diamond comes from a conflict zone and is ethically questionable, we might as well reuse it and give it a longer life while donating proceeds to a tree-planting service.


Design Styles

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Like silhouettes, there is a short list of common design styles for wedding dresses which can often translate to the wedding itself. Here are a few of the more common design styles, any of which can be combined or altered to create your dream dress and dream wedding!

  • Bohemian: Bohemian, or boho, style is a chic attempt at a “I barely tried” effect, it’s often humble with unexpected, thoughtful details. This often includes drapey lacey layers, botanical details, and some tribal or familial elements. Bohemian dress style is great for an outdoor wedding. Bohemian wedding dresses don’t always have to be white or its variants.
  • Classic: for the traditional bride who has long-since dreamt of whites, creams, golds, pearls and pastels, classic is a beautiful wedding theme. These weddings, and by proxy dresses, are usually very formal and are well-suited for ballroom or church venues. These dresses are almost always white or one of its variants, and usually with a traditional silhouette.
  • Art Deco: whether or not the venue has an art deco vibe, a wedding can evoke the American 1920s, the Gatsby style, and art deco is all about the details. This wedding theme is glitzy, glamorous, and flashy. These dresses usually have a beaded or sequined detail and playful looks at geometry. We suggest this theme for historic venues like hotels, and suggest white with a pop of gold for the bride’s theme colors.
  • Casual: we love casual weddings, on the beach or in the courthouse, and while they may not have their own little “category” of theme, we love taking on a challenge of a unique perspective and a quirky venue for create the most perfect dress – both in physical and visual fit. A well-fitting white suit can make quite a statement in a courthouse or home wedding.