Design Styles

Like silhouettes, there is a short list of common design styles for wedding dresses which can often translate to the wedding itself. Here are a few of the more common design styles, any of which can be combined or altered to create your dream dress and dream wedding!

  • Bohemian: Bohemian, or boho, style is a chic attempt at a “I barely tried” effect, it’s often humble with unexpected, thoughtful details. This often includes drapey lacey layers, botanical details, and some tribal or familial elements. Bohemian dress style is great for an outdoor wedding. Bohemian wedding dresses don’t always have to be white or its variants.
  • Classic: for the traditional bride who has long-since dreamt of whites, creams, golds, pearls and pastels, classic is a beautiful wedding theme. These weddings, and by proxy dresses, are usually very formal and are well-suited for ballroom or church venues. These dresses are almost always white or one of its variants, and usually with a traditional silhouette.
  • Art Deco: whether or not the venue has an art deco vibe, a wedding can evoke the American 1920s, the Gatsby style, and art deco is all about the details. This wedding theme is glitzy, glamorous, and flashy. These dresses usually have a beaded or sequined detail and playful looks at geometry. We suggest this theme for historic venues like hotels, and suggest white with a pop of gold for the bride’s theme colors.
  • Casual: we love casual weddings, on the beach or in the courthouse, and while they may not have their own little “category” of theme, we love taking on a challenge of a unique perspective and a quirky venue for create the most perfect dress – both in physical and visual fit. A well-fitting white suit can make quite a statement in a courthouse or home wedding.