We don’t make wedding jewelry but we understand how important it is to have jewelry that goes well with the dress, the theme, the budget, and of course the ring! This is why we’ve teamed up with the natural recycled materials jeweler with whom we share a storefront.

If you work in an art gallery, you deserve to sparkle however you feel most comfortable during your wedding!

This is why we believe so strongly in using recycled and eco-conscious practices in both dress- and jewelry-crafting. By sourcing recycled materials, metals, and stones, we are able to use existing materials to create new meaning. Within the studio, we use all eco-responsible lighting, power, and materials. Packing materials are 100% recycled, we do most of our communicating via the shared app as to not waste materials sending letters and physical correspondence.

And we do not believe in using conflict diamonds in our pieces. While we may rehab jewelry made with metals and stones of undetermined background, but we never engage in the buying or selling of new items. We were conflicted about even using metals and stones of undetermined background – but we decided, ultimately, that if a diamond comes from a conflict zone and is ethically questionable, we might as well reuse it and give it a longer life while donating proceeds to a tree-planting service.